What Is My Marketing Mix?

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Inbound Lead Generation

The number one, most important piece of the puzzle.  If you don’t have a website or, if you have a bad one, your chances of survival in this digital world are slim-to-none.  We can provide modern, clean, responsive designs to stimulate engagement from your viewers.

Another often neglected, but very important piece is building your client database.  The longer your list, the better your chances of reaching out and getting a conversion.

Your social media outlets help with user engagement and help drive people to your website.  Yes, we can help you with this as well.

Where do you go to find something? Odds are, you answered: Google.  Where you place in search rankings is incredibly important.  We have proven techniques to increase your ranking.  We also supplement with paid marketing, using Geographic and Competitor Targeting.

Outbound Distribution

With so much competition, what sets us apart? We have millions of monthly eyeballs.  We have a loyal, proven audience.  Without distribution, you’re behind the 8-ball. If you have incredible digital products, but nobody sees them… what good are they?

We have an up-to-date, current database of over 92,000 real users.  We can make them aware of your services, your specials, your events with the click of a button.

With over 75,000 current followers, we can get your message heard quickly and effectively.

Print is still going very strong. And, print is an outstanding compliment to the digital products.  Our print products enter tens of thousands of households per week.  This is very effective when trying to brand your company.


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